Thursday, 25 January 2018

Wired Neon Cities

I seem to have fallen unexpectedly in love with Wired Neon Cities by +Scott Malthouse of The Trollish Delver fame… 

It's just the right kind of minimalist game which the Augmented Reality city kit was designed to compliment. So few words, yet so much potential for expansion. This game, like Scott's other offerings, is hyper efficient. Like, 1d6 efficient!

The crunch-lover in me felt a few things could be worked up to add some extra detail; more drones, firearms, more augments etc., but that's the appeal to me, rather than a criticism; I love inventing shit. And this game makes me want to invent a ton of stuff for it, so much.

In short, Wired Neon Cities gets a Geisty cybernetic thumbs-up! 

Go and get it.

Monday, 8 January 2018

NPCs 4 U | Anna and Yuri Zone

Anna and Yuri are a pair of PCs from our current campaign set in London in the 2030s. Yuri died in a gunfight a while back, but his cadaver is kept on ice and he is slowly being used as spare parts for his 'sister' Anna. They are presented here for you to use as PCs or NPCs in your games of Cyberpunk 2020.

The Zone Twins

Smuggled into London by human trafficker Able Orlov, after escaping a Haruna Biotech ‘farm’ outside ConstanČ›a, in Dobrogea Province, Romania. The Zone twins escaped the smuggler almost immediately, and have been looking out for each other ever since. They are (unknown to them) third generation Haruna clonals, originally grown for clients waging their flash-wars across the Ukraine, Moldova and the Trans-Dniester Autonomous Region.

Both Anna and Yuri have close shaved brown crewcuts and sport QRS codes on the backs of their necks. Their skin is pale, as are their piercing pale blue eyes. The twins’ bodies are also tattooed with their blood type, as well as connection points for interfacing with powered armour suits, although the plugs have not yet been installed.

They dress in loose, comfortable clothes - cargo pants (although Anna’s are cut off at the calf), hi-top sneakers, layers of t-shirts and tops, with oversized military armour jackets. Yuri also wears fingerless tactical gloves with reinforced knuckles and palms. They both look to be about 14 years old.

Anna Zone

INT: 7  REF: 11/10   TECH: 5  COOL: 8  ATTR: 4  LUCK: 4  MA: 10  BODY: 7/10   EMP: 8/5

RUN: 30m   LEAP: 7.5m   LIFT: 100     SAVE: 10/     BTM: -4/  
DAM: +2     REP: 0

Humanity: 80/41   Skill Points: 54

Combat Sense 5   Awareness/Notice 4   Handgun 4 (+1)   Martial Arts: Sambo (x3) 3
Melee 2   Weaponsmith 3   Rifle 4 (+1)   SMG 5 (+1)   Athletics 6   Stealth 5   Resist Torture/Drugs 3
Hide/Evade 2   Wilderness Survival 2   Heavy Weapons 3   Electronic Security 5

Neural Processor (w AR plug-in)            2HL  1000eb
Cyber Audio - Basic Module                    3HL 500eb
Implanted Radio Link                            1HL 100eb
Anti Dazzle Nictating Membranes (+4)    1HL 500eb
UV/IR Blockers (UV/IR resistance)    2HL 1500eb
Nasal Filters (70% effective)                    2HL 60eb
Wireless Smartgun Link (+1)                    1HL 300eb
Adv. Muscle & Bone Lace (BOD+3)    3HL 3000eb
Speed Grafts (MA+2)                            3HL 750eb
Neural Bridge (Ambidextrous)            4HL 600eb
Erased Fingerprints                                    -     100eb
Enhanced Sight: IR, Teleoptics            4HL 1200eb
Coryimbic Implant (plug & upto 6 chips) 4HL 500eb
Reflex Enhancement (REF+2)            5HL 3500eb
Synthskin (stored camo patterns)            2HL 400eb
Skinweave (SP12, Diff 20 to spot)            2HL 2000eb
                                      Total Cost:    39HL 16,010eb

Olive Drab Light Armour Jacket (SP14)
(EV -1 - 2nd layer; SP17)                         200eb
Black Nylon Shoulder Holster                 20eb
Kalashnikov A-80 7.62 Assault Rifle         1100eb
(standard smartlink with cable - Cory Plugs)
Dai Lung Streetmaster 10mm Automatic         500eb
(standard smartlink with cable - Cory Plugs)
Box of 50 10mm for the Streetmaster         15eb
3 Spare Streetmaster 12-round Clips         30eb
2 Boxes of 100 7.62 Caseless for the A-80         80eb
2 Spare A-80 Plastic 35-round Clips         40eb
Electronic Toolkit                                         100eb
First Aid Kit                                                 10eb
2x Motion Sensors                                         80eb
Samsung Disposable Cell Phone (10 calls)         30eb

                                               Total Cost: 2205eb

Remaining Euro: 395eb

Yuri Zone

INT: 7/6  REF: 11/10   TECH: 5  COOL: 9  ATTR: 4  LUCK: 4  MA: 10
BODY: 7/10   EMP: 7/4

RUN: 30m   LEAP: 7.5m   LIFT: 100     SAVE: 10/     BTM: -4/  
DAM: +2     REP: 0

Humanity: 70/31   Skill Points: 54

Combat Sense 5   Awareness/Notice 4   Handgun 4 (+1)   Martial Arts: Sambo (x3) 3
Melee 4   Weaponsmith 3   Rifle 4 (+1)   SMG 5 (+1)   Athletics 6   Stealth 5   Strength Feat 3
Hide/Evade 2   Wilderness Survival 2   Heavy Weapons 3   Demolitions 3

Neural Processor (w AR plug-in)            2HL  1000eb
Cyber Audio - Basic Module                    3HL 500eb
Implanted Radio Link                            1HL 100eb
Anti Dazzle Nictating Membranes (+4)    1HL 500eb
UV/IR Blockers (UV/IR resistance)    2HL 1500eb
Nasal Filters (70% effective)                    2HL 60eb
Wireless Smartgun Link (+1)                    1HL 300eb
Adv. Muscle & Bone Lace (BOD+3)    3HL 3000eb
Speed Grafts (MA+2)                            3HL 750eb
Neural Bridge (Ambidextrous)            4HL 600eb
Erased Fingerprints                                    -     100eb
Enhanced Sight: IR, Teleoptics            4HL 1200eb
Coryimbic Implant (plug & upto 6 chips) 4HL 500eb
Reflex Enhancement (REF+2)            5HL 3500eb
Synthskin (stored camo patterns)            2HL 400eb
Skinweave (SP12, Diff 20 to spot)            2HL 2000eb
                                      Total Cost:    39HL 16,010eb

Urban Multicam Light Armour Jacket (SP14)
(EV -1 - 2nd layer; SP17)                         200eb
Tactical Gloves (+1 Damage)                         70eb
Black Nylon Shoulder Holster                  20eb
H&K MPK-11 12mm Heavy SMG                 1400eb
(standard smartlink with cable - Cory Plugs)
Budget Arms Auto 3 11mm Automatic         700eb
(standard smartlink with cable - Cory Plugs)
Box of 50 11mm for the Auto 3                 20eb
3 Spare Auto 3 8-round Clips                         30eb
2 Boxes of 100 12mm Caseless for the MPK-11 80eb
2 Spare MPK-11 Plastic 30-round Clips 40eb
First Aid Kit                                                 10eb
Samsung Disposable Cell Phone (10 calls)         30eb

                                               Total Cost: 2600eb

Remaining Euro: 150eb

I hope you find these two dangerous child-soldier clones useful in your games. Let me know in the comments if you manage to use them in anger.

Keep your eye on the blog for more NPCs 4 U.

Sunday, 24 December 2017

Happy Holidays & The Future

I know this blog has been mighty quiet the second half of this year (my last post was in May!), but I wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported me this year, especially those of you who have downloaded Augmented Reality, or bought a copy from Lulu. You are all awesome!

I'd also like to wish my Neural Archive readers and G+ followers a very Happy Holidays and I sincerely hope that CyberSanta brings you all you wish for!

Season's algorithms of synthesised joy to all.

Looking to the future (no pun intended), I'm hoping to release another project in 2018, currently under the working title of Mission Creep. If all goes to plan, Mission Creep will be a procedural adventure generation kit for cyberpunk roleplaying games, and the perfect companion to Augmented Reality. So keep an eye on the blog over the coming months for status updates and sneak peaks as things progress.

All the best! See you next year.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Augmented Reality Review From The Questing Beast

There I was, scratching my head wondering why there's been an overnight spike in Augmented Reality city kit downloads… And then I discover this extremely positive video review by Ben Milton, presenter of the Questing Beast. This guy totally gets it!

So, thanks Beast!

You can check out the review here:

And while you're there, take a look at Ben's other reviews; there's a great selection of OSR classics and hot small press covered. The Beast is obviously a man of good taste. ;)

The Neural Archive recommends.

Friday, 19 May 2017

Not Dead, Just Ink-Bothering

Cover by Matt Hildebrand

Trigger Warning! OSR D&D words! Severe lack of Cyberpunkery!

Gavin Norman, of the excellent City of Iron blog and Necrotic Gnome Productions, very kindly invited me to wrangle some inks and turn the resulting marks into a Dolmenwood beastie for the sixth issue of the very excellent Wormskin.

So I did. And I illustrated the hideous kelpie.

The issue is available through RPGNow, er… now!


  • The sixteen Lords and Ladies of Fairy who concern themselves with the mortal realm of Dolmenwood.
  • The Brackenwold calendar (article to accompany the free Dolmenwood Calendar PDF).
  • Descriptions of seven hexes around the town of Prigwort, in central Dolmenwood.
  • The most important people and places of Prigwort.
  • Spirituous beverages generator.
  • The Baker's Dozen: an adventure locale involving an enchanted bakery and its thirteen inhabitants.
  • The Gingerbread Grimoire: four spells of yeast and spice.
  • Monsters of the Wood: kelpie, black bile wyrm, phlegm wyrm, blood wyrm, yellow bile wyrm.

WORMSKIN periodically details a place called Dolmenwood, an isolated, woodland setting for tabletop fantasy games that, if the referee so chooses, can be dropped into an existing campaign world without much fuss. (Locate Dolmenwood in some out-of-the-way, temperate, and well-watered area within reasonable distance of a small kingdom or principality.)

WORMSKIN serves as a means of exploring this mythical Wood, revealing the contents of the many hexes of its map and detailing procedures for generating adventures within its brambled bounds. Various aspects of the setting will be treated as well, including new classes, spells, magic, monsters, and sundry ephemera.

Material in WORMSKIN is designed for use with B/X, Labyrinth Lord, and other old-school adventure games.

Friday, 10 March 2017

Augmented Reality, En Francais

The very cool indie game designer, Tiburce Guyard, will be creating a French translation of Augmented Reality, and is offering it as a stretch goal for his translation of Hamish Cameron's excellent The Sprawl game.

Check it out!

English language editions are still available in PDF here and Print On Demand here.

Monday, 20 February 2017

She's Coming For You Tucker

"She feels the elevator slowing.

She squats on her haunches in its graffiti covered confines and takes a long, deep breath. Slowly, she traces a line across her ribs with the Sony-Diahatsu, pulling the gun from its hiding place beneath the black vinyl raincoat. It hums softly as it connects to her cloud, the synthesis of their shared awareness makes her shiver.

The paint-spattered doors rattle open and she's up and moving, the fresh Haruna derm barely taking the edge off her pain. Last night, in the Whitechapel NoGo, Tucker's graftees were uncharacteristically thorough.

Gun in hand, she strides down the habstack's corridor with purpose, boosted synapses triggering her headware. She sends her mind snaking through the building's system. As she closes on 303, persuasive algorithms whisper their way through the apartment's sentrynet, fragmenting budget encryption, an expert seduction of dollar store AI.

The door pops and she's in.

Without breaking her stride, she squeezes the trigger. Three tightly spaced stitchers hit Tucker's centre of mass, penetrate and then erupt, graphene monowires eviscerating him from the inside."

The Oni. Just in case.

Sony-Diahatsu Oni 
Medium Needle Gun

Type: P  Acc.: +1  Avail.: R  Con.: J  Shots: 30  ROF: 1/3/20  Damage: see below  Reliability: VR  Range: 50m Cost: 500eb

Basic Needle Rounds: 1D6+3AP per round (box of 200 for 250eb)

HE Needle Rounds: 4D6 per round (box of 200 for 600eb)

Stitcher* Needle Rounds: 1D6AP per round going in, a further 2D6 per round coming out (box of 200 for 500eb)

Nerve Burner Needle Rounds: 1D6AP per round plus a STUN save, minus the number of rounds that hit (box of 200 for 450eb)

*Needle rounds that deploy a monofilament tail, like a messed up flagella on a carbon spermatozoa. So, they do damage on entry, but, not penetrating very deeply, the filaments work their way back to the surface, liquidising matter as they extend.

Kickstarter. Just in case.
Haruna MediCare™ Kickstarter Derms

A combination of fast acting drugs, including amphetamines and anaesthetics, delivered by nano-carriers absorbed through the skin from the adhesive patch, guaranteed to get an injured or shocked person back on their feet in no time.

Kickstarter derms are supplied in a strip of 12 individual foil packets, 1 strip per box, RRP 120eb.

Can be applied to an already stunned and unconscious character. Providing they pass an unmodified STUN save, they will come round. If they fail, they can try again next round, if the patch is still in place. Applying numerous patches may cause palpitations, or even a heart attack.

Duration: 30 minutes

If more damage is taken, for the duration of the dose, treat the user as if they were fitted with a Pain Editor (no further STUN saves, but Death Saves still required).

Also known as Resurrection Pads, 9-1-1s or Lazarus Patches*

Haruna MediCare take no responsibility for any inhibiting effects on SpeedHeal applications, or other nanite delivered recovery methods (GM discretion).

*Taken from the excellent Stars Without Number from Sine Nomine Publishing.